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Humeca was established in 1981 in the Netherlands and is the innovative specialist in the field of burn surgery, in particular skin grafting technology.

In 1984 Humeca started a cooperation with surgeons of the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk, The Netherlands. The goal was to re-introduce the MEEK technique for skin transplantation in burn surgery. This method was presented by two Americans (surgeon Dr. MEEK and technician Mr. Wall) in 1958. In 1993 a modified MEEK technique was introduced and Humeca’s activities concentrated on production, development.

Humeca have continued to develop a range of popular skin grafting devices, such as their battery powered dermatomes and unique skin graft mesher.

Humeca is an ISO and CE certified company, with offices in Borne in The Netherlands and Woodstock (Atlanta) in the USA. All products are manufactured in The Netherlands. The products are used on a daily basis in more than 70 countries worldwide.

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