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Humeca dermatomes provide high quality skin grafting at a low initial investment. Blades are the best value in the market to keep your consumable costs low.

Available in two sizes, the D80 (80mm) and the smaller size D42 (42mm), they both feature:

  • Cordless, lithium battery operated and lightweight design offers optimum manoeuvrability and mobility.
  • Precise thickness of the graft from 0.0 to 1.2 mm (0.000 – 0.048”) in 0.1 mm (0.008”) increments.
  • Three width-reducing clamps allow cutting of narrow graft widths.
  • Powerful Lithium batteries with a capacity of 1200 mAh with no memory effect provide a long running time without the need to recharge.
  • The super sharp blades are precision ground in a double facet shape for minimum resistance and uniform graft thickness.
  • The blade moves at a maximum speed of over 7000 strokes per minute (unloaded), assuring smooth cutting operation.
  • Easy cleaning and sterilising with auto wash capability and standard steam sterilisation or ethylene oxide.

Humeca D80 Dermatome

The D80 dermatome cuts a width of 80 mm which can be reduced to 65, 50 and 35 mm by means of the width reducing clamps.

Humeca D42 Dermatome

The smaller head of the D42 dermatome cuts a graft width of 42 mm, which can be reduced to 36 and 30 mm by means of the width reducing clamps. Through the use of lightweight materials, the total weight is limited to an exceptional 985 grams.
Highly manoeuvrable, it is an excellent dermatome for paediatric, skin cancer and general plastic surgery.

The D42 is the exact size for use with Humeca’s Meek Micrografting technique for burns surgery, harvesting 42mm grafts with no skin wastage.

Super sharp blades for D42 and D80 dermatomes

The super sharp blades for Humeca D42 and D80 dermatomes are double facet ground to minimise cutting resistance. They are manufactured in The Netherlands to exacting standards from tempered high grade stainless steel.

These Blades are the best value in the market to keep your ongoing costs low.


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