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In close co-operation with experts in the field of tropical surgery, Humeca introduces a line of attractively priced and durable, yet efficient skin grafting devices. SOBER products offer the surgeon a low-cost alternative to the more elaborate mechanical equipment, especially when only small grafts are needed. Due to a durable and relatively simple construction, these affordable devices are very suitable in outdoor clinics and for use in third world countries.

After the successful development of the SOBER dermatome, Humeca recently introduced the SOBER mesher.

Sober Dermatome

Humeca Sober Dermtome

The ability to cut a split-thickness skin graft free-handedly has been regarded as a skill acquired only by long experience. Several devices have been improvised to simplify this task. However, the size and elaborate arrangements of dermatomes often preclude their use, especially if the need is in an emergency room, a clinic or at the patient’s bedside. Besides sophisticated dermatomes are costly and more adequate for harvesting larger skin grafts.

In co-operation with the Dutch surgeon dr. Willem Nugteren, Humeca developed a new dermatome for freehanded harvesting of a 30 mm wide split skin graft with a pre-determined thickness of about 0.25 mm (0.001 in.). The new product is called the “Sober” dermatome, from an English translation of the phonetic Dutch last name of the inventor, dr. Nugteren. Based on his experience with surgery in third world countries, it became clear that a portable, economical and simple, yet efficient dermatome would be a very useful tool for skin grafting.

SOBER Mesher

The SOBER Mesher is a highly effective product that is easily operated, with a ratchet drive requiring no disposable carriers. Instead of cutting with blades, the SOBER mesher operates by the proven principle of snipping (like a pair of scissors). As a consequence, there are no sharp blades that might get blunt and need replacement over time.

The maximum graft width that can be cut with the SOBER mesher is 45 mm , which enables handling of grafts harvested with the SOBER dermatome, the Humeca D42 dermatome or any other dermatome adjusted to a maximum graft width of 45 mm.

SOBER Mesher Features

  • Expansion ratio 1:2.5
  • No additional disposables (carriers) required
  • No sharp blades axle
  • Small size and light-weight construction
  • Graft length is unlimited
  • Simple in use and low-maintenance
  • Accessible to low-resource health systems

SOBER Mesher video