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Chin Strap (Press Lift)

The Medical Z® Chin Strap or “Press Lift”  is equipped with adjustable Velcro straps at the top of the head and at the back of the neck for optimum compression.

Medical Z Chin Strap Press LiftManufactured from Coolmax® fabric for full compression support, it is ideal for use after reconstruction from burns or trauma, or for post-operative liposuction of the chin and face lift surgeries.

Coolmax® fabric is thermo regulating and moisture wicking providing cool comfort while wearing.

Available in Beige, Sizes Baby to Adult (22-47cm Chin to Head measurement)


Chin Strap (Press Lift) – Gel Lined

The Medical Z® Chin Strap or “Press Lift”  is also available with Medigel Z® lined Coolmax® fabric for full compression support but also providing Medigel comfort and scar healing properties.

Medigel Z® is a conforming material which will last for extended period of use. The gel is an association of a co-polymer and a mineral oil, H1 class (U.S.P.mineral grade oil). Medigel Z® is non adhesive.

Medical Z Chin StrapMedigel Z® helps prevent the formation of hypertrophic scars before the stage of Keloid scars, regardless of the origin – Surgery, Trauma, Burn. The use of Medigel Z® is suggested as a preventive method after the closing of the wounds (8th or 10th day) or just after apparition of the first sign of hypertrophic scars. The earliness of use of Medigel Z® increases the chance of maturation of the scar.

Tests have shown that the cutaneous tolerance was excellent in the recommended conditions of use. However, it is necessary that the patient remains under regular medical surveillance.
Medigel Z® will last for 10-12 weeks without degradation.

Medigel Z® shall not be applied, on dripping or infected wounds.