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An innovative compression bandage delivering a precise pressure


Lundatex® medical is a new highly elastic bandage that has markings to guide application. Longitudinal markings ensure correct bandage overlap. Transverse lines control the force used on one wrap around the leg.

The innovative markings ensure correct pressure with minimal application experience, providing a comfortable uniform pressure.

The Lundatex® medical bandage can be used to increase venous circulation, for support of muscle injuries after treatment, or wherever comfortable pressure is required.

presscise_bandageGuaranteed compression level of 20 mmHg

Each layer of any bandage adds pressure. The Lundatex® medical bandage provides 10 mmHg for each turn. As the longitudinal line indicates a 50% overlap the pressure from the bandage will be 20mmHg.

The transverse markings, which indicate one wrap, determine the amount of force that should be used per turn.

The pressure is precise, independent of position or activation.


The Lundatex® medical bandage is the first component of the Lundatex® System that supports venous insufficiency, See The Lundatex® System.


The Lundatex® medical bandage is made of breathable and skin friendly materials free from latex rubber.  Containing a mix of cotton and polyamide it is soft and flexible, allowing no pressure change during movement.

Compression technology based on Laplace’s law

The idea behind the bandage material was first to reformulate a medical problem, solve it by mathematical novelty and then realise it through the technical development of a smart textile.

To provide the pressure against a leg, a certain tensile force is required in the bandage being wrapped. The higher the stretching force used, the higher the sub-bandage pressure becomes. According to Laplace’s law a different leg radius gives a different pressure at the same stretching force. The smaller the radius the higher the pressure. By precisely calculating these ratios, we could determine the optimal elastic properties required from a bandage material.

By developing a smart textile with specific elastic material properties our Lundatex® medical bandage delivers a constant pressure along the entire leg, invariant of changes in limb size and curvature. The application principle for this textile is that if we use the same amount of material for each turn around the leg, we need to stretch more if the radius is large (e.g. at the calf), but when the radius becomes less (e.g. the ankle) we need to stretch less. Visual guidelines on the bandage ensure the same amount of material per turn, and thus the same applied pressure.

Download a tutorial on PressCise
Compression Technology

Clinical investigation

Compression therapy is the cornerstone in the prevention and treatment of leg ulcers related to chronic venous insufficiency. The application of optimal high pressure is essential for a successful outcome, but the literature has reported difficulty applying the intended pressure, even among highly skilled nurses.

In the current investigation on bandage application, results show that all 95% confidence intervals of the expected values for pressure were, at most, 5 mmHg from the target value of 50 mmHg, independent of the position on the leg and the state of activity. Moreover, even nurses with limited experience were consistently able to reach the targeted pressure goal.

The article by Wiklander “Investigation of the ability to provide a defined ‘target pressure’ with the use of the compression bandage PressCise” was published October 2015 in the International Wound Care.

”The result show that for each 95 % confidence intervals, independent of state and position, we get at most 5 mmHg from the target pressure 50 mmHg”