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A compression system developed for venous insufficiency and leg ulcers


The Lundatex® system has been designed to provide a low, safe resting pressure and a high, effective working pressure. Calf muscle pumping function is enhanced, improving the venous return and ejection fraction. The system can also be used on patients with mixed ulcers due to the low resting pressure. 

systemThe Lundatex® system consists of two components, the Lundatex® medical bandage and two velcro products called PressPatch™ and FixPatch™.  The bandage provides a safe and well-defined resting pressure of 20 mmHg (See Lundatex medical bandage) while PressPatch™ adheres to the bandage material but adds no pressure in the resting position. When the patient is standing or walking however the patches create a stiff custom outer layer, providing high effective working pressure between 45-60 mmHg.

system1system2FixPatch™ is a large patch used to close the system in the front, and is developed for the maintenance of pressure over time. This is easily done before bed rise every morning by opening the front FixPatch™ on one side, adjusting for comfort and reapplying. By opening the front, the surrounding PressPatches™ adapt to the changes in limb size, hence providing a consistent pressure over time.




  • Safer
    Guarantees a quantified and reproducible pressure level
    The right pressure independent of experience
  • Better Compliance
    Keeps the resting pressure at a safe and comfortable level – not too loose or too tight
    Excellent conformability to different legs and changes in leg circumference during wear
    Allows easy self maintenance of pressure level over time
  • Better quality of care
    Treatment not dependent on the applier
    Increases working & standing pressure by custom shell adding stiffness with patches
  • Saved Costs
    Easy self maintenance i.e. less home visits by healthcare personnel or hospital visits
    The system can stay (and maintain the treatment) on the leg up to seven days
    Reusable and washable patches

Download a tutorial on the Lundatex system
Compression Technology

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Clinical investigation

Pilot study with Prof. Giovanni Mosti, Lucca, Italy 2016

Ejection fraction from the lower leg is severely impaired in patients with venous insufficiency and is improved by compression therapy. Inelastic compression is characterized by a high difference between resting and standing pressure and a strong massaging effect on the calf muscle, produced during movement.