Wound Preparation

Complete removal of all contaminated and nonviable tissue must be performed prior to placement of  SUPRATHEL®. Superficial wounds should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected to provide a completely contamination free wound bed. Second degree burns require thorough debridement to ensure the absence of all contaminated and revitalised tissue. All wounds should be thoroughly disinfected (e.g. Octenisept) and excess solution dried. Any bleeding should be stopped. If the wound is too wet it can prevent adherence of SUPRATHEL®.

Application of SUPRATHEL®

SUPRATHEL® is self-adhesive and contours well to all parts of the body. After application to the injured site the membrane becomes transparent, allowing visualisation and inspection of the healing process.

Application of paraffin gauze

SUPRATHEL® should be covered with 1-2 layers of paraffin gauze (e.g. Jolenet®) which is left intact until the wound is fully healed. This provides mechanical stability  and prevents outer dressings from sticking to SUPRATHEL®.Only outer dressings should be changed after inspection of  SUPRATHEL®, or if they become soiled.


SUPRATHEL® with paraffin gauze is dressed with several layers of compresses and fixing bandage. In some areas an additional mild compress might be beneficial. No additional or later disinfection should be performed after the application of SUPRATHEL®.

Change of dressing

The first change of dressing should be performed between the first and fourth day after the application of SUPRATHEL®. The Last layer of dressing before the paraffin gauze must be removed very carefully leaving the paraffin gauze and SUPRATHEL® completely on the wound. Do not try to look underneath the SUPRATHEL® and paraffin layer!

Removal of SUPRATHEL®

SUPRATHEL® starts to detach from the healed areas without any pain and thus acts as an indicator of completed epithelialisation. Since epithelialisation is never completed everywhere at the same time, SUPRATHEL® is removed in parts, first on the edges by trimming with sterile scissors, and later completely without causing any pain. It is not recommended to use water on a wound that has not yet healed completely.

Download Suprathel Instructions for use